Taking the train

Mount Juliet, TN probably doesn’t rank high on the list of places you would expect to find public transportation in – and yet there’s a commuter rail station less than two miles from our house. For Noah (who’s going through his train-aficionado phase) this has been a constant tease ever since moving here in June.

Even driving past a railway crossing will cause him to yell “choo choo train tracks!”, so we decided it was about time to go ahead and actually take the Music City Star into Nashville.

Like others have said before, the ride is a great activity for kids. Only about 30 minutes into Nashville (roughly half the time it takes with a car during rush hour), and since we went the opposite direction of commuter traffic we had the car almost to ourselves.

Once in Nashville we had enough time to take a quick stroll down Broadway and grab some snacks. Noah was happy because he could combine the trip with his newfound passion for ice-cream, and we now have another activity in case we have an afternoon to kill.